Schools of English Language: USA / Canada

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T:Teaching - A:Administration - L:Location - TC:Technology - LE:Learning Environment - EP:Extracurricular Programs - L:Library - HS:Housing Services - S:Safety QP:Quality-Price Relation - OS:Overall Satisfaction   |   RATINGS: 1 - Very bad, 2 - Bad, 3 - Acceptable, 4 - Good, 5- Excellent
Name Location Address T A L TC LE EP L HS S QP OS VOTES
English Language Institute (Eastern Washington University)USA, WA, Cheney 350 Patterson Hall 4444444544421
English Language Programs (University of Washington)USA, WA, Seattle 1325 4th Ave Suite 400, Box 354232 424303004249
Washington Academy of Languages (Washington Academy of Languages)USA, WA, Seattle 98 Yesler Way5555555455517
ALPS Language SchoolUSA, WA, Seattle 430 Broadway East 4345543445411
Intensive English Program (Western Washington University)USA, WA, Bellingham 516 High St.003000300002
Intensive American Language Center (Washington State University)USA, WA, Pullman 116 McAllister Hall 4445545455421
EF International School of English (Evergreen State College)USA, WA, Olympia Seminar Building Room 41544454455544427
English Language Institute (Bellevue Community College)USA, WA, Bellevue 3000 Landerholm Circle S.E. 5554454455516
Downtown Intensive English Program (university of Washington)USA, WA, Burnaby 1325 4th Ave Suite 400, Box 3582214554454454523
Seattle Central Institute of English (Seattle Central Community College)USA, WA, Seattle 1701 Broadway #2SA102 5455544445519
ELS Language Centers/SeattleUSA, WA, Seattle 718 12th Avenue 5454455545525
Intensive English Program (Edmonds Community College)USA, WA, Lynnwood 20000 68th Ave. West 5455445454414
Kaplan English Programs (Highline Community College )USA, WA, Des Moines 2400 S. 240th St. MS 25-5165555544545417
The Intensive English Program (South Seattle Community College)USA, WA, Seattle 6000 16th Ave. SW5554454555522
University ESL Program (Central Washington University)USA, WA, Ellensburg 400 E. University Way4545554455510