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Zip: 4000
Durban, South Africa, South Africa
Phone: 0313185553

Zone: Africa
Web: www.go-tefl.co.za
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Online TEFL / TESOL Courses The TEFL Training College is a global leader in Online TEFL / TESOL Education and Learning. We offer Internationally Accredited and Recognized TEFL / TESOL certification courses via Self-study. NO EXAMS! NO ATTENDANCE! ASSIGNMENT BASED! Not subject to specific course dates - ENROL TODAY START TODAY! The TEFL Training College offers Affordable, Tutor supported courses tailored to your every need - whether you are interested in teaching Adults, Young Learners, Business English, One-to-One or whether you are interested in a career in TEFL Management. Teach English and travel to exotic locations and experience diverse cultures. A TEFL course is the perfect launch pad whether you are looking for a career in English teaching abroad or you just want to take some time out traveling and get paid for it. TEFL jobs and employment prospects for graduates of our TEFL / TESOL courses are excellent. You will find TEFL job opportunities throughout the world, from Spain to South Korea, Thailand to Turkey; there are literally thousands of TEFL jobs abroad for certified TEFL teachers. Teach * Travel * Live Begin a journey of endless possibilities. "Take the first step in faith. You don t have to see the whole staircase; just take the first step." (Martin Luther King)

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Languages spoken by staff: English
Established: 1940
Currency: USD
School size: 0-50
Ownership: private
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From K on 04-08-2016
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I asked about TEFL Training College's ACTDEC and ACCREDITAT certifications, and Ann of Admin just told me to look for another TEFL provider because of my question. What is wrong with my question to be so emotional and to reject a paying customer? I will post her email in my blog.

You can delete this page but social media is not monopolized. I can always write a review somewhere or create my own blog that will reach thousands of readers. Let them know the truth. If there is no universal accrediting body for TEFL, that is fine; but why the hell push me away for it? It only shows that this company is fake. Btw, I forwarded her email to ACTDEC and ACCREDITAT to make sure that they are banned forever because they call them scams instead of answering my simple question professionally.