Manchester Central School of English

6-12 Fountain Street.
Zip: M2 2AA
Manchester, North West, United Kingdom
Phone: 0161 834 6622

Zone: Europe
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From click me to send me a message Taher Abo Tammy on 07-02-2015
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Firstly, it was not from my top list. I thought going to CES LONDON or Brighton or Oxford, The Academy School In Exeter ,The embassy Devon but all this school do not have seats because the Arabic speaker must be 15% maximum. Next I picked this school.

Secondly, the first day was a big shock for me because the vast majority of the students in the School were Arabic speakers and my class filled with Arabic speakers.

On the other hand , the teachers are professional ,motivate the students & they use different methods To make learning English easier and relay i enjoyed in my class and I wish if I had time to study more English in the School.

Problems in the School:
It seems to me the vast majority of the student.
1-they do not read and hate reading .I suggested many different subjects to many students like Comics, Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Myths & novels.
2-They always create obstacles. I heard some low level students said it is hard to score 4.5
And you need months to score 4.5 .I also heard some upper students say 6.5 is very hard.
3-Some students think the examiner is His enemy and will try hard to make him fail or come to the exam panicking.

Solution to Improve the students:
1-think positive and create big aims.
2-I think they should motivate student to read i think maybe if they read about 1-holy person
Like ( Josef,Moses,David,Noah,Solomon,Issak,Ibraham,Ismael, Eber, Zechariah , Jethro, Jacob, Enoch)
Or read Poems British poems or Read about evolution for example science or medicine with Muslim scientist they maybe interest i ask for one page per day if the Vast majority of student read great and If one student read it also not bad because he or she could Motivate another students.

I Highly recommended this school especially for student with level 4.5 in Ielts and above .Moreover, Student with low level of English with a huge ambitious to success .