Language Training Institute

2 McKenzie Rd.
Zip: 4559
Woombye, Queensland, Australia
Phone: 1300 660 809
Skype: daria.lti

Zone: AUS/NZ
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Language Training Institute (LTi) was the first organisation to get Australian Accreditation for a Certificate IV in TESOL. LTi's accredited Certificate IV in TESOL Course (National Course Code: 30920QLD) has been developed in consultation with the TESOL industry to ensure that it not only meets industry expectations, but also exceeds them. Since the initial accreditation, LTi has improved, refined and rewritten it's Certificate IV in TESOL several times to be the brilliant, highly respected course that it is today - and we're not stopping there. LTi is constantly reviewing it's course and materials to ensure that they always meet the needs of the rapidly evolving TESOL industry. We make sure your graduates will be backed by a course that has fully prepared and equipped them to confidently enter classrooms all around the world and teach English. LTi also became the first Australian organisation to publish and distribute a full suite of TESOL Teacher Training Texts and Workbooks for TESOL Teacher Trainers and Trainees that correlate exactly to an accredited Certificate IV in TESOL Course. Other organisations love our course and resources too! We have partners and licensees both nationally and internationally (for more information, please see the TESOL Partnerships and TESOL Licences pages). Our course and resources are used to train people all around Australia and the world. An estimated 4,000 students have been trained by LTi or organisations using the LTi TESOL Course or TESOL Course publications. This has included both native and non-native speakers of English. LTi is a not for profit organisation - We believe that teaching English to speakers of other languages can open a world of opportunity for both our graduates and their students.

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Established: 1940
Currency: USD
School size: 250-500
Ownership: private
Internet - free for students
Students origin: AUSTRALIA
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