GEOS Language Institute

294 Washington Street, Suite338.
Zip: 02108
Boston, MA, USA
Phone: +1-617-2274-600

Zone: USA/Canada
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Established: 1940
Currency: USD
School size: 0-50
Ownership: private
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From Lorenzo on 11-24-2010
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I made lots of new friends from different countries, and I will continue to improve my English chatting with them on the internet. I'm going to see them in their countries, and I'm going to invite them to Milan

From Tomas Muro on 11-09-2010
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GEOS is an experience in itself. They have such a great arrangement with local families that is not only the language course but the great life experience you get. The administration could be improved but the program is perfectly made. I got to meet a lot of people thanks to my Host family. they are so used to have foreigners that makes it so much easier for us. An incredible experience!

From Masafumi on 04-14-2009
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I have spent 6 months with my host family who is really kind, outgoing, and made me feel at home. I have a great time with them and my English skills have really improved. Also, my host family has many other students from all over the world, which provides many learning opportunities for me about different cultures. I strongly recommend students have such a special experience during their stays with GEOS.

From Kieo on 04-14-2009
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GEOS helped me go through all the types of possible questions in the TOEFL exam. They helped me learn quickly, focus without panicking, and answer questions better.From my experience, every time I needed help someone was there solving my problem really fast. I had two teachers and my relationship with them has been great so far. They know what to make us focus on. I had a great experience at GEOS with great people. I learned the English language in a great environment.