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T:Teaching - A:Administration - L:Location - TC:Technology - LE:Learning Environment - EP:Extracurricular Programs - L:Library - HS:Housing Services - S:Safety QP:Quality-Price Relation - OS:Overall Satisfaction   |   RATINGS: 1 - Very bad, 2 - Bad, 3 - Acceptable, 4 - Good, 5- Excellent
Name Location Address T A L TC LE EP L HS S QP OS VOTES
Parlez Pronto Language SchoolIreland, Connacht, Mayo Parlez Pronto Language School, Market Square, Castlebar5555555555511
English Language Centre, NUI GalwayIreland, Connacht, Galway NUI Galway University Road4454434244411
Galway Language CentreIreland, Connacht, Galway The Bridge Mills5445455545524
Galway Cultural InstituteIreland, Connacht, Galway GCI House, Salthill5554554444521
The Countryside School of English / HorizonIreland, Connacht, Mayo River View, North Mall, Westport4454554455531
Atlantic Language GalwayIreland, Connacht, Galway Fairgreen House, Fairgreen Road5455445545420