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T:Teaching - A:Administration - L:Location - TC:Technology - LE:Learning Environment - EP:Extracurricular Programs - L:Library - HS:Housing Services - S:Safety QP:Quality-Price Relation - OS:Overall Satisfaction   |   RATINGS: 1 - Very bad, 2 - Bad, 3 - Acceptable, 4 - Good, 5- Excellent
Name Location Address T A L TC LE EP L HS S QP OS VOTES
English Language In The LakesUnited Kingdom, North West, Ambleside Nab Cottage5555555555522
Excel College Manchester (previous known as Manchester IELTS Centre)United Kingdom, North West, Manchester 2 Fairfield Street5555555355512
Manchester Central School of EnglishUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester 6-12 Fountain Street5553533455514
Wirral Metropolitan CollegeUnited Kingdom, North West, Birkenhead Conway Park5544444555519
ENGLISH IN CHESTERUnited Kingdom, North West, Chester 9-11 Stanley Place4544454554420
InTuition LanguagesUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester  5445444544428
University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester 97 Grosvenor St.4444455455517
City College ManchesterUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester Bridgewater House - 3rd Floor, 58-60 Whitworth Street5454454454518
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester Mabel Tylecote Building5544454555418
Manchester College of Arts and TechnologyUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester 2 New Quay Street4455555544516
University of Salford School of LanguagesUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester Maxwell Building4555554454526
Manchester Language SchoolUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester Moor Cottage, Grange Lane5555454544425
LIVERPOOL COMMUNITY COLLEGEUnited Kingdom, North West, Liverpool Clarence Street Centre4544445444516
Manchester Academy of EnglishUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester 5 Newton Street4445454545527
WIGAN AND LEIGH COLLEGEUnited Kingdom, North West, Manchester P.O.Box 53, Parsons Walk5455555445526
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