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T:Teaching - A:Administration - L:Location - TC:Technology - LE:Learning Environment - EP:Extracurricular Programs - L:Library - HS:Housing Services - S:Safety QP:Quality-Price Relation - OS:Overall Satisfaction   |   RATINGS: 1 - Very bad, 2 - Bad, 3 - Acceptable, 4 - Good, 5- Excellent
Name Location Address T A L TC LE EP L HS S QP OS VOTES
ICS International Colleagues School of English (Norwich)United Kingdom, East, Norwich 26 Pottergate5444433454412
Bell CambridgeUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 1 Red Cross Lane4544445455524
CAMBRIDGE ACADEMY OF ENGLISHUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 65 HIGH STREET4455454554515
Language Studies International, CambridgeUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 41 Tenison Road5545444454418
Colchester English Study CentreUnited Kingdom, East, Colchester 19 Lexden Road5544544544513
Skola | Alexanders International SchoolUnited Kingdom, East, Suffolk Bawdsey Manor4544444444415
ANGLIA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge Centre For English Language Studies, East Road4555445444421
EF Corporate Language TrainingUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 274 Mill Road4544445545520
Oaklands CollegeUnited Kingdom, East, St Albans St Peters Road5554545545512
Select EnglishUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 13 STATION ROAD5455445554416
Cambridge Academy of EnglishUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 65 High St., Girton 4544454444525
Central Language SchoolUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 41B St Andrew's Street5554444545527
EC CambridgeUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge Guildhall Chambers4545444454415
Eurocentres CambridgeUnited Kingdom, East, Cambridge 62 Bateman Street4445455554524
Flying Classrooms School of EnglishUnited Kingdom, East, Norwich 5 Tombland 4554544454528
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