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T:Teaching - A:Administration - L:Location - TC:Technology - LE:Learning Environment - EP:Extracurricular Programs - L:Library - HS:Housing Services - S:Safety QP:Quality-Price Relation - OS:Overall Satisfaction   |   RATINGS: 1 - Very bad, 2 - Bad, 3 - Acceptable, 4 - Good, 5- Excellent
Name Location Address T A L TC LE EP L HS S QP OS VOTES
Edinburgh School of EnglishUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh  271 Canongate, The Royal Mile5555555555522
Aspect College EdinburghUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh 11 Great Stuart St4354454455415
Anniesland CollegeUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow Hatfield Drive5445444444411
James Watt College of Further & Higher EducationUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Greenock Waterfront Campus 4444444444411
University of Edinburgh - Institute for Applied Languages StudiesUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh 21 Hill Place5345345344411
ECS ScotlandUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh 43-45 Circus Lane111111100007
Regent EdinburghUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh 29 Chester Street4445444445522
Heriot-Watt UniversityUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh  4545454545414
Dundee CollegeUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Dundee Kingsway Campus, Old Glamis Road5545454444423
Perth CollegeUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Perth Crieff Road5444554544412
University of GlasgowUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow Language Centre, Hetherington Building, Bute Gardens5554444554426
ELTUnited Kingdom, Scotland, St Andrews Kinnessburn4554445544428
EAC Edinburgh Language SchoolUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh 53 Queen Street5455445445428
Live Language LtdUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow 4 Park Gardens5545444545419
DelasoUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Isle of Bute 77 Barone Road 5554455545419
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