ETC English Training Circuit

216-736 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC.
Zip: V6G2G1
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: +16043311060

Zone: USA/Canada
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Vancouver´s Number 1 Speaking School!

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Languages spoken by staff: French
Established: 2000
Currency: CAD
School size: 50-100
Ownership: private
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Medical insurance provided
Exams: TOEFL
Internet - free for students
Housing service: Affiliated Hotels
Students origin: KOREA
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3.92 3.73 3.27 2.83 3.17 2.6 2.4 2.67 2.8 2.2 2.83 78

From languagetutor48 on 12-02-2010
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These reviews are from their website. They just copied them? How dishonest!

From eslwatchdog on 12-02-2010
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It seems that this school can't keep it's doors open, it has changed locations and names a few times, known both as ETC English Training Circuit, and ETC English Training Centre. I have the feeling the school has probably had financial/legal trouble before and had to move and change names.

Also, the school seems to have changed it's curriculum from TOEFL to Business English. I think they might be paying really low wages to their teachers, if they are not teaching TOEFL, it means they are probably not hiring teachers who are certified, which means you probably don't want to work there. You can find better schools that are truly dedicated to education, not in just taking student's money.

I am sure that most of this bad reputation, is because of the school's owner Jane Solovyov, who I have heard is a really savage and abusive person. Students have told me that she is rude, arrogant, and has publicly humiliated them. It seems to me that on a whole, she is pretty terrible at managing her business, employees, and interacting with students.

I've heard stories from (tutors of) students that went to ETC that say they were unfairly treated, and felt that the school practices bad, and dishonest business, and the owner has questionable ethics.

I'd really recommend staying far away from this place. If the owner treats students that badly, then imagine if you were a teacher there - you probably wouldn't be treated any better. ETC and Jane Solovyov are part of a growing list of ESL schools/owners in Vancouver that are taking advantage of the huge influx of international student's desperate desire for native English instruction.

You don't want to have that on your resume, so do everyone a favor and don't teach at this school, and spread the word on schools that operate unfairly and dishonestly!

From Young-Ju Kim on 01-14-2008
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Ive been studying for 2 months at ETC. It was the best decision that Ive ever made! ETC is really an excellent school. Teachers as well as classmates are great, helpful and open-minded. Im studying English in a good atmosphere everyday. Furthermore, I can make my own schedule and choose from a variety of classes. This school has been a great help in improving my English. I highly recommend studying at ETC!

From click me to send me a message masako on 01-14-2008
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At ETC you can learn a lot of useful phrases and idioms not taught at other ESL schools. At ETC I practice English for daily life situations, and I can learn about business or perfect my pronunciation. I feel confident when talking to native English speaker! I recommend this school to you from the bottom of my heart!

From mariko on 01-14-2008
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Learning English at ETC is amazing! The teachers are friendly and encouraging, and the teaching method is unique and effective. Students can learn to speak clear professional and assertive English! You should try the school. I am sure you will like it.