English Language In The Lakes

Nab Cottage.
Zip: LA22 9SD
Ambleside, North West, United Kingdom
Phone: 01539 435311

Zone: Europe
Web: http://www.nabcottage.com/
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Nab Cottage is a family, a language school and a small international community all in one. Teachers, facilitators, and language students a maximum of 20 - live together. The course is very intensive with 35 contact hours a week. Our aim is firstly to build confidence. We use a holistic model of learning: a harmony of body, mind and spirit. We encourage exploration and creativity. The course is intensive, fun, energising, relaxing and challenging. Learning takes place all day, every day; not just in lessons. Our students are independent adults, from 18 to 80 years old. They are looking for a new way to learn. The school and the accommodation are together. The school has study rooms, TV/video room, computer with free internet access, party/games room, quiet room and self access area. The accommodation, just metres away, has bedrooms, kitchen, dining rooms and sitting rooms. There are gardens all around with a summer house, orchard and sauna. There is a lake for swimming and canoeing and fields and mountains all around. The local villages, Grasmere and Ambleside, are 2 miles away with cinemas, theatres, pubs and shops. The people in the area are very friendly and interested in our students.

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Languages spoken by staff: Italian
Established: 1982
Currency: GBP
Airport: Pick up(GBP 80.00) - Drop off(GBP 80.00)
School size: 0-50
Ownership: private
Internet - free for students
Housing service: Housing on Premises
Students origin: SWITZERLAND
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From Hamza Cherkaoui on 04-09-2017
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I wanna to improve my English language

From Teresa Bernard on 11-01-2010
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Excellent place to study english and meet great people. Apparently they dont accept large groups so each one of us had the change and time to improve our english skills tremendously. Although the National Park where the school is located is beautiful, I found it a little bit boring if you want to have fun after classes. Anyways, I would definitely go back if I have the chance!