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General Intensive Course
Type of course: General English
Dates: Start date: every Monday / End date: 2008-05-28 / Registration deadline: 2008-05-28
Duration: Total: 40 hours. (hours per day: 4 / hours per week: 20)
Registration: 65.00 EUR   * Non-Refundable
Administration: 60.00 EUR   * Non-Refundable
Deposit Required: 150.00 EUR   * Non-Refundable
Tuition Fees:
Host Families, 915 EUR per course
Minimum Age: 18 years
Average Class Size: 10 students (min 3 students, max 14 students)
Textbooks: EUR 30
Textbooks are developed by: Third party
GEN 1 Intensive Course The Intensive Course is designed to provide a thorough knowledge of general English at all levels. The course covers the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and is especially programmed to improve communication skills in spoken and written English. We place great importance on oral communication in the classroom, and course books and supplementary materials are interesting and stimulating. Two teachers are responsible for each programme and regular progress tests are built into the syllabus. This course may be taken in combination with one of our afternoon group classes or afternoon one-to-one lessons.

Book Course
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