East Coast School of Languages

8th Floor, 1526 Dresden Row.
Zip: B3J 3K3
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone: 902 491 1526
Telefax: 902 429 3275

Zone: USA/Canada
Web: www.ecslcanada.com
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East Coast School of Languages offers students exceptional English language instruction and a complete Canadian cultural experience, both of which are enhanced by the school's small class sizes, individually focused attention, and a warm, nurturing, and friendly environment. The school is located in the heart of Halifax, a safe, friendly city that combines historic charm with modern facilities. Whatever your interests, you can enjoy them in this small but exciting city. The facility is warm and welcoming and the instructors are experienced and qualified. The strict English-only policy means that students must speak English at all times. Programs of study include English for Academic Purposes, English for Business, English for Communicative Purposes, and Academic TOEFL. The program choices allow students to concentrate on their specific area of interest. Studentís who successfully complete the English for Academic Purposes program and who have an acceptable academic record can enter one of ECSLís four partner universities without a TOEFL score. ECSL also offers social activities each week guided by experienced, dedicated and caring instructors. Students can also take advantage of free high-speed and wireless internet during school hours. Monthly evaluations monitor progress and Certificates of Completion are given at a monthly Graduation Ceremony.

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Languages spoken by staff: English
Established: 1998
Currency: CAD
Airport: Pick up
School size: 100-250
Ownership: private
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Cash.
Exams: TOEFL
Internet - free for students
Housing service: Host Families
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From Sabrina Harpe on 11-09-2010
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I came to this school for its internship program. They have a bunch of families that or a very low price host you in their houses. So you breath English all the time in a familiar and cozy place. The school is very good following up with how the students are at home.
The teachers and curriculum is interesting. the Campus is great with every commodity for the students. I met lost of great people!