Can-Quest ESL & TOEFL Academy

#1-117 East 15th St..
Zip: V7L 2P7
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: (604) 990-1717

Zone: USA/Canada
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From Haleh S on 07-02-2017
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Unprofessional office and dated broken down building. Staff of 1 (admin). No parking. No air conditioning. No central heat most of winter. No library or laptops, only PC's from the 80/90s. One small cramped room. Have no clue why its called academy or school! It seems my husband was also told to get immigration assistance from Fred's wife (owner) on the same floor. Big waste of time - very condescending, self-righteous and rude. Will not go back or recommend.

From V Bleidel on 06-27-2017
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From L on 05-28-2017
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"School" is one room in an old building and many other professionals like computer repair shop, driving school and healthcare, which is falling apart and has no heat or air conditioning!!! Cramped, lacking a library, Teaching skills below average at best.

From Riley on 12-17-2013
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I attended this school after having wasted a lot of my time at other institutions for TOEFL prep classes. I can safely say this place prepared me so well and the instructors are amazing

From Lupo on 11-24-2010
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The teachers are very good. The best thing about the classes was the fact that they combined fun with learning. I think it is a very good course, where you have a lot of fun

From click me to send me a message Miguel Salamanca on 11-10-2010
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Great TOEFL program! Loved the curriculum and the teachers where great. I got prepared for the Toefl in a blink. I felt so much more sure when I sit for the test. It was really important for me and they gave it all the importance it deserved. Great place to learn.
I recommend this school for ESL tests!

From Paula on 07-03-2010
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After attending several ESL courses at cap, UBC and other language schools, I was referred to Can Quest. The main teacher and owner of the school is one of the most educated and best English teachers out there(with his manner of teaching, extra help, FREE use of the computer lab to practice, etc.) I really wish that I had been introduced to Can- Quest earlier because I would have saved a lot of money and i wouldn't have wasted my time. CAN QUEST ESL & TOEFL ACADEMY IS DEFINITLY RECOMMENDED.

From Helia Maleki on 10-03-2009
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From Anonymous on 08-23-2008
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Canquest academy is the only TOEFL testing site on the North Shore. It is one of the best language schools.

From Naghmeh on 07-03-2008
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I studied at this school for about a year and I improved twice as much as a friend who attended another school and paid way more than me.