Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I add my School to EslReview's database?

There are two ways to be added: most schools will receive an invitation to join by regular mail. The invitation contains all the instructions on how to login and edit your school's information, enter courses, etc. If you haven't received your invitation, you can use the "Add a School" link which can be found on the Home Page, or simply click here to be redirected immediately to the correct page.

How much does it cost to be listed on EslReview?

One Year: $29.95 3 Years: $69.95 5 Years: $99.95 Lifetime Listing: $149.95 We send our invoices AFTER we approve and publish the listings.

How many courses can I enter in the database?

As many as you have. In fact, we recommend that you enter ALL your courses, including Individual Courses.

Is it important to upload school's pictures?

It definitely gives a better idea of your school to website visitors. Besides, each photo adds points to your school's ranking.

Do you charge a commission for courses booked through EslReview?

No, we don't. In fact, prospective students will contact you directly, using the Inquiry Forms on the site.

We are interested in advertizing on your website. What options do you offer?

We do not accept any advertizing from schools, as it would affect EslReview's credibility. If you are a publisher, a travel-related business, or any other business BUT not an ESL school, feel free to contact us to discuss advertizing options.

Why should my school get listed on EslReview?

-an additional marketing channel for your institution -truly global coverage: 5 continents -affordable pricing -world's largest directory of ESL schools -independent reviewing platform: rankings are based on students' feedback -you can ask your students to write reviews as homework -your web presence increases with every new published review