Frequently Asked Questions
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How are the schools ranked?

Schools are ranked mostly on the basis of students' reviews. The main rule is: the more reviews, the higher the ranking. Reviews are also rated according to several criteria; therefore, not every review attributes the same amount of points to the school described.

What is the weight of each submitted review?

The weight of the review depends on the following factors: - length of the review: longer reviews weigh more; - IP of the submitter: if the review originates from an IP that was not previously used to write another review ("unique IP"), it weighs more; it also weighs more if the IP is from a country different from he schools' country; - email confirmation by the author: students have many options in regards to privacy. Anonymous reviews weigh less than "signed" reviews, meaning that the author leaves a name and confirms his or her email address; adding a personal photograph to a review doubles its weight; - reviews are rated by the website visitors ("Did you find this review useful?"). Reviews that were found most useful by readers, will gradually increase in weight and result in a higher ranking for the school; - and finally, since a review can be negative, its value also depends on the points awarded by the author to the school's various areas, such as Teaching quality, Extracurricular activities, Library, audio & video resources, etc.

Are there other ways to increase a school's ranking?

Yes. Your School's profile contains fields that automatically attribute points if they are filled. The idea is to reward schools that provide the fullest information possible to our readers. These fields are clearly marked on the website. Example: Enter courses; upload pictures, etc.

How can small schools compete in rankings with large universities?

Rankings are available in a wide variety of categories, according to the school's size and even its foundation year. This is why it is important that you enter this information into your School's profile.