Ranking System

Here´s how EslReview´s Ranking System works:

  •         you get points for updating your school’s profile (we call these points Basic Points).
  •         you get points for receiving every vote, and every comment.
  •         longer comments earn more points.
  •         confirmed emails and uploaded author pictures earn more points.
  •         students who allow themselves to be contacted (while their email addresses are kept secret) earn you more points.
  •         if your student comments are later voted as being helpful, they increase their own weight.

Each comment earns points, which, together with the Basic Points, determine your school’s position in the search results. Schools with more points appear first.

Students who write comments are also invited to rank the school in 11 categories, such as teaching, administration, quality price ratio, etc. Ranking is optional, but each vote (for each category) represents a point.  

Rankings are based on the average vote given by students, using the star system. (“Five stars” denotes “excellent.”)

Note: You may find that your school already has a ranking, even though you haven’t updated your information yet and you have no student reviews. While a listing is idle (i.e., not updated by the school, and/or not reviewed by anyone), its ranking values are attributed randomly and change every day, but will always be lower than those of schools with active listings. As soon as you get your first review, your listing will be removed from the random ranking pool.